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Based on preliminary research, HWSD believes it may be able to reduce the cost to a majority
of residents over their current service rates by negotiating a single contract for all 622 homes in
CCVS at a level of service consistent with what is currently being provided. Additionally, collection trucks would service CCVS one day a week, resulting in less noise, air pollution, and wear and tear on the streets within the District. For additional information or to take the survey on-line please visit the District's website at or by scanning the QR code with your smartphone or tablet. All survey responses must be submitted by 03/10/2022.

What is your current annual rate for trash and recycling service?
2. Are you interested in HWSD contracting with a single waste services provider for trash and recycling services for CCVS?
3. What other additional services are important to you (select one or more options)?

Thanks for submitting!

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