HWSD Trash Service Survey

The Havana Water and Sanitation District (HWSD) is considering providing trash collection and recycling service to Cherry Creek Vista South (CCVS) residents through a contract with a single provider for all residents.  Currently residents’ in CCVS contract with trash collection services individually. HWSD believes it may be able to reduce the cost to residents over their current service. Additionally, collection trucks would be in CCVS only one day per week, resulting in less noise, pollution, and wear and tear on the streets. 

HWSD has surveyed neighborhoods elsewhere in the district and found that HOAs contracting for single-source trash service are able to secure lower rates approximating $156-$190/year, whereas the individual contracts within CCVS may be as high as $240/year or more. Collectively, this may save the residents of CCVS many (tens of?) thousands of dollars per year.   

What is your current annual rate for trash service?
2. Are you interested in HWSD providing consolidated trash and recycling services for CCVS?
3. What other additional services are important to you (select one or more options)?

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